Finished Reading Aincrad Light Novels
Sep 21, 2014

Finally finished reading everything from the Aincrad Arc in the Sword Art Online Light Novels!

I read all of Volume 1 & 2, parts of Volume 8 that involved Aincrad, Sword Art Online Progressive, and Sword Art Online Material Editions.

After watching the Anime, I fell in love with the show. I felt like a drug addict wanting more and more of the series.

Those that know me well know that I do NOT like reading typically. I got through high school using spark notes and google because I couldn’t see the appeal of sitting around and reading a book.

SAO changed that for me. I plan on reading the rest of the series too.

I don’t plan to read ahead of the Anime, though. I will read the Fairy Dance arc next and when SAO II finishes airing, I’ll read Phantom Bullet and Mothers Rosario.

If there is no announcement for a long time regarding a third season of Sword Art Online with the Project Alicization Arc, I may get ahead of myself and start reading.

I highly recommend this! Volume 1 and 2 have been officially translated while the rest have been translated by fans!