Starting to Read the Fairy Dance Arc
Sep 21, 2014

I finished reading the Aincrad Arc earlier today which consisted of Volume 1, Volume 2, part of Volume 8, Progressive, Material Edition, and Side Stores. I’m a bit of a slow reader because I often spend more time watching other Anime than reading. Since this is Sword Art Online, I’m making the exception to read!

I am excited to start reading the Fairy Dance Arc. When the second half of Sword Art Online aired, there were mixed reactions on the ALfheim Online Arc due to Asuna being a damsel in distress, the almost tentacle rape, and of course the infamous “wincest”, but I still enjoyed its plot. Not as much as the Aincrad Arc, but I still liked it.

I have been told by many that while the Fairy Dance Arc was apparently rushed by the author Reki Kawahara, it still is better than the Anime and I look forward to seeing if that is true!