Anime California 2015 Interview – Cosplay Videographers Oct 20, 2015
I had the privilege of being interviewed by Tank 9 while at Anime California 2015! Check out the video. After I had just wrapped up the small Sword Art Online Cosplay Gathering, I was doing a private photoshoot. As that was being finished up, I was approached by Tank9 and asked to do an interview. It was a ton of fun! Doing interviews is definitely one of my favorite things to do at cons when it happens!
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Blue Rose Cosplay Prop Unboxing Video – SAO III Oct 18, 2015
TLDR This is just a video of me unboxing a cosplay prop of the Blue Rose sword from Sword Art Online III from Tyler (@kirito_thesolo_beater on Instagram)! More Details Tyler offered to make me a free cosplay prop. Since I have nearly every sword that Kirito has, it was hard to pick one! I decided that I should request Blue Rose from the Alicization Arc (will likely be SAO III’s story) since it was one of the few swords that I do not have. Tyler and his father slaved away at...
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Sakura Con 2015 Wrap Up May 21, 2015
So I went to Sakura Con for the first time this year. I had the pleasure of being picked by American Cosplay Paradise (ACParadise) to represent Aniplex as one of the official cosplayers! (Read: “I am one of the Official Kirito Cosplayers for Aniplex at Sakura Con” for more information on that) The weekend was crazy, fun, exhausting, and much more! There is no single word that can describe this weekend so I will talk about it all. I’ll provide a summary (TLDR) of what...
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Bak Anime 2015 Wrap Up May 19, 2015
So Bak Anime was a ton of fun. It was my very first time attending this con and I didn’t expect much from it but it ended up being amazing. I ended up going to this con for a few different reasons. The first was to meet some of my cosplay Instagram friends for the first time, second was to see Christine Cabanos, Cristina Vee, and Kyle Hebert, and the final reason was that my favorite Burger place and favorite Ice Cream place are in Bakersfield. The drive to Bakersfield is two hours one...
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Anime Los Angeles 2015 Wrap Up May 18, 2015
So Anime Los Angeles (ALA) was amazing. This was actually my first time attending this con and I loved every bit of it. It had everything that I wanted in a con. It had a high attendance of great cosplayers, plenty of photographers, a lot of my friends attending, and some of my favorite English Voice Actors. I only wish that I had gotten a hotel room at the Marriott (which is where the convention was held) rather than getting a hotel that was about 1 block away. It wasn’t a bad walk at...
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SacAnime Winter 2015 Wrapup May 9, 2015
TLDR First time So this was actually my first time attending any SacAnime. My brother and I flew into Sacramento from Burbank airport since we did not want to drive 6 hours. The flight was around an hour so it was a pretty sweet deal. I’ll walk you through my trip. The summary will be at the top for those that just want a basic idea of what happened! If you read past the TLDR, you can read all of the details of my trip! Amazing I had an amazing experience! Despite having to live off of...
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CeltyBlackSwordsman – The Love Story of Two Weebs May 9, 2015
I get this question all the time “How did you and CeltyFarron meet?” Was it like a fairy tale? Yes. It’s own unique and otaku way, it was! It was sort like a shoujou manga, actually! This started as a gift for CeltyFarron for us to always look back on. It’s something to read whenever she wasn’t having a good day and needed a smile. We then decided that it would be cool to share our story since so many people ask us for the story! (Don’t mind the...
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I am one of the Official Kirito Cosplayers for Aniplex at Sakura Con Mar 15, 2015
I am excited to announce that I will be one of the Official Kirito Cosplayers for Aniplex at Sakura Con 2015! What Does That Mean? So the production and distribution enterprise company Aniplex (that owns Sword Art Online pretty much) was looking for SAO cosplayers to volunteer represent the company. Being accepted as  volunteer means that I get: A free badge into Sakura Con 2015 VIP passes to meet voice actors (and I am a HUGE fan of English Voice actors!) The opportunity to work the...
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Why Andrew Con Was Postponed Feb 22, 2015
Hello, everyone! I have been getting a lot of messages asking for more info on why Andrew Con had to be postponed! The event “Andrew Con” was originally going to be a Cosplay Gathering at Little Tokyo in Weller Court You have seen my public message that was posted on my Facebook page. “ANDREW CON IS CANCELLED (for now) Andrew Con is being postponed until further notice and will be relocated. Information on this will be posted in the near future! Several people have raised...
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New ALO 2014 Shoot Wrap Up Video Jan 28, 2015
In this video, I talk about my experience during my New ALO Photoshoot with my photographer friends Jyuung and Tony! View all of the images here in my "New ALO - In the Mountains 2014" set. Jyuung’s Photog FB Page “Juntsu Photography“: Tony‘s FB:
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