Kirito Ordinal Scale Cosplay Review (EZ Cosplay) Mar 26, 2017
I recently made a Video Review of the Kirito Ordinal Scale Cosplay by EZ Cosplay. I personally really liked this cosplay! You can watch my brief review of the cosplay below: Here is the link to where you can buy this cosplay.
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Ordinal Scale Hollywood Premiere Wrap Up (Blog and Video) Mar 20, 2017
So for those of you that didn’t know, Sword Art Online’s movie Ordinal Scale premiered in the US on Wednesday March 1st at a special red carpet event in Hollywood at the Egyptian Theatre. I was lucky enough to be the official Kirito cosplayer for the event and I had a ton of fun. Especially for those of you that weren’t there, I’ll do my best to explain my experience at the event! You can watch the video below: If you prefer reading, then continue reading! Preparing So before the...
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Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Movie Review Mar 12, 2017
So I had the pleasure of watching SAO Ordinal Scale at the Hollywood Premiere at the Egyptian Theatre and I was really impressed! I also watched it again at a theatre near me and I intend to check it out again when the dub is released. You can watch my video here! If you aren’t a fan of videos, you can just continue to read: Disclaimers This review contains a ton of spoiler! You have been warned. If you have not watched the movie, please save this for later! Every Aspect we Love...
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ALA 2017 Wrap Up (Blog and Video) Mar 5, 2017
Anime Los Angeles (ALA) 2017 was amazing! You can check out my Wrap Up/Con Vlog video for all the details below: If you prefer to read, then keep reading! Day 1 Loving ALA! A post shared by Kirito Cosplayer - SAO (@andrewblackswordsman) on Jan 27, 2017 at 3:32pm PST So the night of Day 0 was extremely windy. The noises from the wind combined with my excitement made it really hard to sleep! Before going to the con, I met up with Josh Cruz to do a new photoshoot for my Early ALO...
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Night Sky Sword Cosplay Unboxing - Sword Art Online III Feb 27, 2017
I recently bought the "Night Sky Sword" Cosplay prop from Dreams2Reality on Amazon and did an unboxing video! This prop is based on the Sword that Kirito uses in the Underworld/Alicizaton Arc (SAO Season 3). Check it out the video below!
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Anime Impulse 2017 Wrap Up (Blog and Video) Feb 19, 2017
I went to Anime Impulse for the first time this year! To be honest, I had never really heard of it somehow. I only went for one day, but I had a great time! You can check out the Wrap Up video below or keep reading if you want even more details or prefer reading. Last Minute Decision @CeltyFarron and I were not originally going to make it to Anime Impulse. We originally were going to be working at the Yuki Kajiura Concert but it was cancelled, so it freed up the weekend for us! Due...
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Anime Expo 2016 Wrap Up (Blog and Video) Jan 20, 2017
Anime Expo 2016 (AX 2016) was amazing! I would say that this con has been my absolute favorite one that I have ever attended! You have two options, you can either watch video version of my wrap up with included vlogging footage and pictures, or read my more detailed write up. Both are below! (Why not both??) Day 0 Ordinal Scale Cosplay + Food @Celtyfarron and I (mostly her!) had made cosplays for the newest variations of Kirito and Asuna back in March for Sakura Con 2016. They were made...
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Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Movie – North American Premiere Date and Location Nov 11, 2016
It was just announced today on Aniplex’s live stream that the Sword Art Online Movie “Ordinal Scale” will be premiering in North America on March 1, 2017 at Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, CA. Where to Buy Tickets Tickets will be going on sale this Tuesday on November 15th, 2016. They will be available for purchase on the Official SAO Movie Website. More Info Language This film will be in Japanese with English Subtitles (no announcement of an English Dub yet BUT...
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Instagram Q&A #3 Aug 21, 2016
Thank you all for your questions! It was a lot of fun making this video. Please comment below and tell me what you thought of the video AND also suggestions for more videos! This was a Q&A from my Instagram account @andrewblackswordsman. In the video, I offered a link for a story of how I met @celtyfarron. Here is the story: (Read: CeltyBlackSwordsman – The Love Story of Two Weebs) A special thanks to @celtyfarron, @kyndellfire, and @nowitsangetime for helping make this video!
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Review: Undine Asuna Cosplay Sword by EZ Cosplay Feb 23, 2016
This is a review of the Undine Asuna sword from EZ Cosplay! I bought it at this link. (Edit: EZ Cosplay has also asked me to include a link to a version of this sword WITHOUT the sheath. ) This is a link to their Facebook Page. I bought this gift for my girlfriend @CeltyFarron. There are a few pros and cons to this sword so I will keep it very simple. Pros: The sword is beautiful and looks extremely realistic to the Anime and Light Novel The colors are realistic and the handle is...
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