Night Sky Sword Cosplay Unboxing - Sword Art Online III Feb 27, 2017
I recently bought the "Night Sky Sword" Cosplay prop from Dreams2Reality on Amazon and did an unboxing video! This prop is based on the Sword that Kirito uses in the Underworld/Alicizaton Arc (SAO Season 3). Check it out the video below!
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Blue Rose Cosplay Prop Unboxing Video – SAO III Oct 18, 2015
TLDR This is just a video of me unboxing a cosplay prop of the Blue Rose sword from Sword Art Online III from Tyler (@kirito_thesolo_beater on Instagram)! More Details Tyler offered to make me a free cosplay prop. Since I have nearly every sword that Kirito has, it was hard to pick one! I decided that I should request Blue Rose from the Alicization Arc (will likely be SAO III’s story) since it was one of the few swords that I do not have. Tyler and his father slaved away at...
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