New ALO 2014 Shoot Wrap Up Video Jan 28, 2015
In this video, I talk about my experience during my New ALO Photoshoot with my photographer friends Jyuung and Tony! View all of the images here in my "New ALO - In the Mountains 2014" set. Jyuung’s Photog FB Page “Juntsu Photography“: Tony‘s FB:
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ALO Kirito Cosplay Photos Jan 21, 2015
My friend Ryan (Agent Hysteria) took some great shots of me in my ALO Kirito Cosplay while at “Shrek Con”! Visit the "ALO 2015" set to see more images.
Category: Photo Shoot
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Blizzcon 2014 Wrap Up Video Jan 20, 2015
Hello everyone! I have been promising to come out with this video the past few months so I apologize that it took so long for me to release this! This won’t be a review of Blizzcon 2014 but rather just a video of me talking about the experience!
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Finished Reading Volume 09 Alicization Beginning Jan 1, 2015
I have never been a fan of reading. I made it through high school by using Spark Notes to avoid reading the books assigned to me since I disliked reading SO much. Sword Art Online (and a bit of Star Wars) has become an exception to my hate towards reading. Many people know that I have stated in the past “I will never read ahead of the SAO anime. I will only read the novels after the anime airs to learn of the little details that were left out. I like to be surprised onscreen.” Well that is no...
Category: Light Novel
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